Short Film: Celebrating Pain (Beautiful Liar / Broke Heart + Anger) Ft. Dashius Clay & Sarcazm (Video)

Colombian native Dashius Clay (@DashiusClay) links up with fellow recording artists Sarcazm (@Sarcazm_) and Fixx Ticket (@FixxTicket) to score a short, gripping film about what happens when love turns ugly. Starring in the short, which is directed by Rafal “iamKING” Hanusowski (@iamKingXXI), is Dashius Clay, Katie Rotolo and Sarcazm Smith.

“When details of an affair emerge and you find out the love of your life has been unfaithful, how far will you let your pain and anger drive you?”

Watch all the way to the end to see what happens!

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