Audio: Cassidy – Me, Myself and Iphone (Meek Mill Diss Track)

Remember the track “Phone Tap,” from the Hip-Hop collective of Nas, AZ, Nature & Foxy Brown? Or the track “Phone Time,” by Capone-N-Noreaga? Well, even though we’ve seen this concept done before, Cassidy uses this approach to address Meek Mill directly, instead of continuing the use of social media as his outlet. Well, shortly after releasing the track, Meek did just that, by exchanging more jabs via twitter, when finally accepting the challenge to battle.


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  • JLG

    awwwww sheeeeeiiit!! time for cass to bite this nigga head off

  • @Est_Wood77

    this battle is not gonna happen! (007) hi hater

  • He must have strike a deal with iPhone! violet

  • heating up lets goo, green

  • Another diss trac.. When will it stop lol (RED)