Jay Gruden to the ‘Skins: Is This A Good Move?

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Jay Gruden (far l) is the new (coaching) face of the ‘Skins

Greetings, all. It is I, the No-Fi King Speed on the Beat, bringing you all the sports news you need to know–with some snarky commentary on it for an added bonus.

It seems that Washington’s head coaching worries have ended. Jay Gruden, brother of Jon, may sign a deal has agreed to become the new Redskins coach. This move isn’t going to send large shockwaves throughout the NFL–but it’s a solid move for a team that’s relied on names more so than talent in recent years.

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See what I mean?

Nothing against Mike Shanahan (or our happy bystander Donovan McNabb), because he’s a legend in his own right. But, since the days of Terrell Davis, Mike Shanahan’s been more of a buzz-name than a coach. He obviously knows football, or else he wouldn’t have been in the league as long as he has. He’d be selling used cars like a white Mel Farr (Google him) in a tweed jacket. But, he’s floundered since the early 2000s. This is even with five winning seasons (four with Denver, one with Washington in ’12) and a couple of playoff experiences under his belt since then.

But, this isn’t about Mike. At least not anymore, considering most of his staff was let go along with him.

Gruden, in some ways, is what Shanahan was. He brings years of experience as an offensive coordinator. He has played the game as well (both coaches were quarterbacks in their era, with Gruden setting records in college and having a stellar Arena Football career). He’s made his name in various circles. Plus, he’s coming off of a team that made some noise. While Gruden’s 2013 Bengals won’t win the Super Bowl, he still was part of a coaching staff that was able to turn a perennial laughingstock (Bungles, anyone?) into a legitimate contender–and that’s coming from a Ravens fanatic.

Overall, I believe this is a good move for Washington. As I said, it’s not flashy, but, pending a solid staff around Gruden, it’ll be one for the long haul. Unless, of course, it’s not really the coaches that are causing the trouble for the oft-troubled franchise.

Then, we’ve got a whole ‘nother can of worms to deal with, along with that pesky name change issue they’ve got going on.


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