Freestyle Series: G-Scott – Asleep In The Strip Club

We may as well keep the ball rolling. After dropping Tre Capital’s new shit earlier we now have the pleasure of dropping G-Scott’s new offering and yes I know it’s an original song and not a freestyle over a recycled beat, a lot better if you ask me. I’ve built a pretty close relationship with Scott over the last few months, so much he lets me hear pretty much everything he records before it’s released, this ‘Asleep In The Strip Club’ track however I only heard yesterday and he went ahead and gave us the green light to drop it. One thing I have learnt from Scott is he likes to have fun with his music, and when he mixes melodies with rapping like he does here there isn’t many who can do it better if you ask me. The story behind this record makes for a fun a listen as well. His 3B EP is dropping soon.

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