Dom Deshawn Digs Into The Vaults & Liberates ‘#OldSongsFromMyEmail’ EP

IMG 2190 620x427 - Dom Deshawn Digs Into The Vaults & Liberates '#OldSongsFromMyEmail' EP

I’ve been familiar with Columbus native Dom Deshawn for quite some time now, probably close to three years. Where the hell does time go? Anyway, before I head off on a weeks break I am trying to post everything I can and checking my email I saw an email from my guy Dom.

I used to get all Dom’s music via a PR but Dom actually reached out himself to not only thank me (he a real one) but to also fill me in with the latest. It comes in the shape of a six track EP, composed of records that Dom has had sat in the vaults for a while, I love this concept. Production on the EP comes from Jamla’s Eric G, Curtis Williams, 14KT and a few others. No guest features just an artist putting it all on the table over some nostalgic instrumentals. Too real for this Friday night.


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