LV Delivers Visuals For His Latest Anthem “Yu Know”

Premiered by Hypefresh and Apple News, New Jersey native LV provides us with a look into his life with “Yu Know.” His goal was to create a something hot for the streets that was relatable enough to connect with the listener and infectious enough to get played over and over. I think it worked.

“Coming up, it was clear that this was a business of a lot of rejection. We met so many no’s before we came across one “yes.”
There are always people who want to break us down, there are always envious people who are wishing we wouldn’t succeed. That’s the major inspiration for the song & video “Yu Know”. Things have changed, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the drive we possess, the ambition, the tunnel-vision, we don’t see the hate, we just see the possibilities; the inevitable outcome.” – LV


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