Wyclef Jean And Young Thug Continue Their Bromance In New Visual For “I Swear”

When Young Thug made a song on his album entitled “Wyclef Jean,” many Hip-Hop fans were as confused as they were amused by the antics of the 300 Ent signed rapper. Thug’s been at odds with Wayne, Baby and host of other acts and he’s taken heat for wearing dresses, but he keeps churning out the hits. But as we digress, its seems these two have a special chemistry worth noting.

Also, how can we not give attention to some new Wyclef material? Because lets be honest, we are all looking for some sort of redeeming quality in his music after the speedo, motorbike photo – I’m not sure if I’ve recovered yet. Maybe it’s the bromance of Wyclef and Young Thug that made this post-worthy, maybe it’s the fact that Clef pretends to be a secret agent with a bit of acting in this. Either way its some dope island vibes in the Winter to warm you up. Oh yea, and does Thug play guitar?

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