Stream L2B’s Debut Project “The Artist”

Hailing from New Haven, up-and-coming emcee L2B unveils his debut effort, The Artist. The LP includes all original production and a complete absence of features. Tune in below and stream his 12-track opus.

While you’re checking the project out, take a look at what L2B had to say:

I made this album as a representation of what it is to be an artist with a dream. The ups and downs of risking it all to do what you love, and the passion it takes to not quit. I titled this project “The Artist LP” because I’ve come to accept my role in life, as the artist, and now I’m sharing my stories to help inspire other artists who go through similar struggles of their own. Also, with all of the mumble rap of today, this album is to remind people that rap and hip-hop truly is an art form. The wordplay, the story-telling, the magic of layering lyrics to music. This is artistry, and it takes effort.

You can purchase The Artist via iTunes.


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