Meet Charlie goldplated With His “Black Smoke” Banger

You put on a heavy hitting trap anthem and I am the first one there with a drink in my hand spilling it everywhere and loosing my shit but on the other hand if you spin some nostalgic sounding shit with that real dope lyricism and I am there too, with that being said let me introduce you too Charlie goldplated.

Now, this is a weird one. Earlier today a good friend in all this music shit hit me up with this record, asking for my opinion on it. I just got round to spinning it and my god, I feel like I am back in the 90’s right now. The beat is that boom bap feel and the lyrics and delivery, man oh man this guy killed it. Now, this is where it gets strange. Charlie is kind of mysterious, all I know is that he is working on an EP and hails from the Midwest, he has no social media accounts, other than IG anyway. All I have been told about him is that he loves females and wears a shit load of gold, I like this dude already and that is backed up by this heater.

Stream below and let’s see what happens next.


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