SonReal’s ‘No Warm Up’ Tour Hits Toronto with Homegrown Talent Clairmont The Second

There’s something to be said about an artist who’s nearly revived a certain sector of VanCity rap, and what it looks like when placed in Toronto – and well, it’s definitely not what we’re used to seeing.

This past weekend, SonReal took stage at The Mod Club as a part of his national ‘No Warm Up’ tour, and brought on his newest Black Box Recordings label-mate, and Toronto artist Clairmont The Second along for the ride.

It was special seeing Clairmont perform as a part of a tour after seeing several independent shows over the past two years, and of course, he didn’t disappoint. Wearing a Bel-Air Academy jersey with a t-shirt with his face on it underneath, Clairmont enticed a crowd that had very little knowledge of who the young rapper was, and ultimately won them over as he performed cuts from his latest album, The Quest for Milk & Honey.

On the other hand, the crowd, who had been there since 6PM and waited almost four hours for SonReal to hit the stage, were still booming with energy as he came out alongside a full band. While his set was high-energy, it was also heavily rooted in rock music, equipped with electric guitar solos and throbbing drums. SonReal performed an array of singles from old and new, and the crowd responded to his every beckon call.

Photographer: Tse Daniel

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