Noname Dialed Up The ‘Telefone’ Tour in Toronto

In advance of International Women’s Day, Noname made her Toronto debut at the Phoenix Nightclub this past Sunday. I say this not because she’s a female artist, but rather, because all of her line-up was comprised of all women. It’s a rarity to see an all-women lineup for a predominantly rap show, but alas, she pulled it off.

By the time the doors had opened, there was a line-up outside of the venue that went around the block. An hour later, it was still fairly long. What does this mean? Well, we may have missed the first opener, Akenya – who’s actually Noname’s musical director and a mutli-disciplinary artist.

However, we did make it in time for Ravyn Lenae, who offered a theatrical performance in her own big range way. To be honest, her vocals were powerful enough to pull off a Broadway show, and she went full out for a nearly 40-minute set comprised of her Moonlight EP.

Shortly after, Noname may her way to the set with what one can only describe as a Diddy bop. The Chicago native genuinely has a bounce in every step, which matches her high energy and devotion to her music. As she performed cuts from Telefone, she also did some other amazing thingsā€¦ like a rendition of The Isley Brothers “Contagious.” Unfortunately, the crowd was mad young and had no idea what was happening, but I guess that’s all a part of the game.

Photographer: Tse Daniel


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