#ThrowbackThursday: Take A Trip Back To “Club Paradise” With Drake & 40

When all is said & done, more’s always said than done”

September 10th, 2011. Drake was just short of two months away from delivering what went on to be his Grammy award winning album Take Care. In the run up to the album Drake dropped this, “Club Paradise” produced by his right hand man 40. The song in my eyes is top 5 Drake tracks of all time and the more you listen too it the more you wonder why the hell it didn’t end up on the album. Was it sample clearance issues due to the Bob Marley sample at the end of the track or did they just not see it fit? I guess we will never know but this record to me personally paints a vivid picture of Toronto, one of the first records that really made me realise that Toronto had it’s own signature sound. Also in my eyes this track really showcases exactly what makes Drake a great artist.

Full of quotes, a mixture of bars and vocal work all mixed in with a infectious hook over mesmerising production from the genius that is 40, I mean why isn’t this track spoke more about. It kind of felt like it was hot for a minute but I bet if you ask Drake fans their top handful of tracks 99% of them wouldn’t even consider this, me on the other hand, this is nailed on with others like “Fear”, “Jungle” and “The Real Her”, I guess I am a sucker for that slowed down heartfelt type Drake.

Remind yourself below and I will see you again next week.

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