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Video: Rich Homie Quan Speaks to Sports Illustrated About Unofficial Michigan State Anthem Type Of Way

During SXSW, Riche Homie Quan was interviewed by Sports Illustrated (S/O Tim Larew) about the impact the heavy single “Type Of Way” has had in sports. Long story short, Michigan State adopted the single as the unofficial theme song, and flew the rapper out to join them for their win at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

“Feeling like I’m the second mascot” – Rich Homie Quan (more…)

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Now, I’m not the type to stir the pot (intentionally), but as a wrestling fan, I’ve got to speak on this. As you may know, WWE decided to become even bigger and start its own network. Granted, it’s more Netflix than NBC, but the point is this: the WWE Network allows wrestling fans to get their fix of WWE, WWF, WCW, NWA, ECW, and other federations 24/7. It’s wrasslin’ Valhalla.

Enter Joe Budden, one of the most lyrical artists I’ve ever heard–and one of the most opinionated people I’ve ever seen on Twitter. From jump-offs to sports (and everywhere in between), Budden doesn’t bite his tongue. So, add that trait into a bunch of Budden followers/people Budden follows talking about the launch of the Network and you get this:


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The Super Bowl Shuffles Charity Case (Article)

“We didn’t come here to look for trouble…we just want to make sure our song’s helping out people in Chicago.”

If you’re reading this today, you’re most likely gearing up for the Super Bowl (or gearing up to avoid it like the black plague). Me? I’m taking my pre-game efforts out of the bar and into the booth to talk about one of the most (in)famous football raps of all-time. Yes, I’m talking about the Walter Payton saying,”runnin’-the-ball-is-like makin’-romance”-containing “Super Bowl Shuffle” by the 1985 Chicago Bears. I’ll spare you the video. (more…)

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Greetings! It is I, the man of a thousand nicknames, Speed on the Beat.

Now, after working the “Athletic Princes of Hip-Hop Royalty” post, I started to wonder “besides the usuals (2 Chainz, Game, Master P, etc.), who else has actually played competitive sports, but decided to hang up the Jordans for a pair of Beats and a mic, even if just for a moment?” Ladies and gentlemen, I present “Rappers Who’ve Balled So Hard,” which is not to be confused with “Rappers who ball so hard,” because that’s a completely different thing. I will not include myself, although, in my skinnier younger days, I was quite athletic (before, you know, puberty, music, video games, and porn other activities took hold).

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Miami Heat players LeBron James and Michael Beasley took to the stage at the Battioke 2014 Karaoke Charity event today, which took place at Fillmore Miami Beach, and gave an entertaining performance of Juvenile’s classic record, “Back That Azz Up.”

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Lil Wayne Doesnt Think Richard Sherman is Elite (Article)
Ok, now that I have your attention (look, everyone! I’m learning from the greats regarding headlines), Complex featured a piece on Weezy F’s opinions on The Cornerbacking CM Punk. Simply put, they weren’t exactly a bed of roses–or even Rosé for that matter. While this isn’t the first time that Wayne’s voiced his opinions about sporty matters (he, at one point, was something of a featured columnist with ESPN), it is one that, to me, sticks out as unique. This is mainly for its potential purpose. Now, I’m not in the head of Dwayne Michael Carter, Junior. If I were, there are a lot of things I’d have to ask myself. But, I feel that these comments are meant to do two things, both of which are contradictory to the other, but still (somehow) complementary.

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Athletic Princes of Hip Hop Royalty (Article)
When the son of De La Soul frontman Maseo (Vincent Mason), Tre, was born, I doubt Maseo said “well, I know that you’re going to make a fool out of defenders on the field on Saturdays and (potentially) Sundays.” But, that’s what’s precisely about to happen as the Auburn running back recently declared for the 2014 NFL Draft. Mason, a 5’10 junior, amassed over 1800 yards and 23 touchdowns last season. This news got me thinking: what other members of hip-hop royalty have children that possess athletic skills? Below are a couple athletes who come from hip-hop roots. It would’ve been easier to find athletes who’ve rapped, but…if it’s easy, it ain’t worth it (shoutout to AI and the Jewelz/Misunderstood album).

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Jay Gruden to the Skins: Is This A Good Move?

Jay Gruden (far l) is the new (coaching) face of the ‘Skins

Greetings, all. It is I, the No-Fi King Speed on the Beat, bringing you all the sports news you need to know–with some snarky commentary on it for an added bonus.

It seems that Washington’s head coaching worries have ended. Jay Gruden, brother of Jon, may sign a deal has agreed to become the new Redskins coach. This move isn’t going to send large shockwaves throughout the NFL–but it’s a solid move for a team that’s relied on names more so than talent in recent years.

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