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Revisiting Rap letes: Chris Webbers 2 Much Drama CD   Was It Really That Bad? (Review)

It’s Speed on the Beat back on Boi-1da.net. Today, I’m going to try and do a Best of Both Worlds: Unfinished Business, minus R. Kelly singing on “Don’t Let Me Die Tonight.” If you know me, you’d there are two things I’m known for: following the careers of athlete-slash-rappers and wondering if things that most consider to be horrible are really that bad. There are more (ex. “no-fi hip-hop” and sampling Baltimore commercial jingles, shameless plug), but I’ve only got about 750 words here. In honor of the NBA trade deadline, we’re looking at (possibly future NBA Hall of Famer) Chris Webber’s 1999 (technically unreleased, aside from indies getting hold of it & dropping it on their own because CD Baby and self-released albums FTW) album 2 Much Drama to answer the question: was it really that bad?

Before we get into this, Webber has actually produced tracks for Nas and other artists, so he’s got some sort of rap-related talent from the get-go. Also, I have peeped the entire album (yes, I bought it off Amazon), but I’ll go through tracks that are more easily accessible, since not everyone may want/need to buy this. (more…)

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Greetings, Boi-1da.net family. Speed on the Beat here with some thoughts and predictions on the upcoming second half of the 2014-2015 NBA season. If you remember my initial predictions and follow-ups, you’ll see a couple things have come to fruition. The Wizards are playing well, the Warriors are running away with things, the Lakers are struggling mightily (Swaggy P’s still being Swaggy P, though), and the Cavs are doing their best 2010-2011 Miami Heat impersonation, but with dissimilar results (the ’10-’11 Heat at this point were exactly ten games better than this year’s Cavalier squad). So, without any further backstory, let’s get into things. (more…)

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Sports: Whats Next for Jon Jones? (Opinion)

Happy New Year to everyone out there reading and thank you for allowing me to spend another year with you. Enough of the pleasantries, though. If you missed this weekend’s UFC 182 Pay-per-View, you missed one hell of a fight between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier (The rest of the event, to me, was a bit underwhelming). If you remember, this is the fight that was slated for last year, but due to injuries stemming from training, their brawl and so on, it was rescheduled until January 2015. And once the dust settled, one man had his hand raised. So, in light of that, one has to wonder: What’s next for Jon Jones? (more…)

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Sports: Cam Newton Injured in Car Crash (News)

Wow. Let’s send some prayers and positive vibes on to North Carolina. In some breaking news, Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton was involved in a two-car crash in North Carolina today. Details are scarce at this point, but Newton’s truck and another sedan collided this afternoon around 12:30 EST outside of an office for the Charlotte Observer. This caused Newton’s truck to flip over onto its roof. He, however, according to Charlotte Observer reporter Jonathan Jones, was able to communicate with police and others. The extent of his injuries, if any, are unknown at the moment. Newton, 25, has been in a down year for the Panthers, but was finding his footing in recent games. In a bit of twisted irony, hoaxes have been going on for years that Newton broke both legs in a car crash.

I don’t like to post negative news and try to keep it more happy and opinionated, but we need to send some positive energy and prayers Cam’s way.

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Revisiting Rap letes: Shaquille ONeal, The Rapper (Opinion)

In a bit of a sequel to my rapper/athlete posts, I’ve gone back and listened to the albums of one of the most dominating centers of all-time (and one of the most prominent rapper/athletes), Shaquille O’Neal. Now, two things must be noted here. One, these albums are old (with the most-recent being released in 1998), so there are a lot of dated references, production styles, etc. Two, since these albums are older, it’s harder to find (legal or non-YouTube) streams of them in their entirety. I am, in no way, advocating pirating music, since I’m an artist myself. However, I was unable to find a non-Youtube stream. So, without further ado, let’s get into these mini-reviews. (more…)

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Should The Lakers Trade Kobe Bryant? (Opinion)

Late last week, I posted my thoughts on the NBA season thus far. And then, the Lakers played San Antonio and Golden State. Kobe Bryant scored a total of 53 points–and 44 of them came at the hands of the Warriors. The other nine came during a “historically bad” day for Bryant against the Spurs, where he shot 1-for-14. All in all, the Lakers now own a record of three wins versus nine losses. No one knows when the other shoe will fall, but it’s going to be soon. And it’s going to be ugly.

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Cleveland Refund, Aging Lakers & Winning Raptors   Quick Look at The NBA Season So Far (Opinion)

Speed on the Beat here with a few thoughts on the NBA season thus far. I know, we’re only a few weeks into the season, but so far, it’s been pretty topsy-turvy. For starters, it looks like my predictions of the Wizards, Raptors, and Warriors surprising people are coming to fruition. I won’t take the price home just yet, since we’ve got a long season ahead of us. But, let’s bring up a few talking points to take home for the past few weeks.


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Speed on the Beats NBA Preview for 2014 2015 (Opinion)

Sorry for the wait (thank you Tunechi), but your (hopefully) favorite sports/video game nerd has returned with his thoughts on the upcoming NBA season. If you remember back to the beginning of the year, my first post highlighted some of the most surprising teams of the 13-14 NBA season (including my home-region Wizards, who did pretty well for themselves), and I predicted the Spurs to win last season. So, I’m not just talking for the sake of padding my post stats.

But, enough of that foolishness, let’s get into some predictions!


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